Media Monsters Papertoy set

Media Monsters are a set of of 4 papertoys you can print out, cut out, fold and glue together into 3D models to create your very own bunch of Media Monsters. Lights, Sound, Camera and Action.

For just £5 you get a 4 page vector PDF of the designs so you can print them as many times as you want (as long as you don't sell or share the files).

Lights is often an overlooked member of the crew. But she knows that lighting can make the difference between a scene look interesting and atmospheric or just plain rubbish. Because the lighting needs to be the same in every shot for consistency, Light has mastered the art of standing perfectly still.

Sound is always just out of shot, dangling his boom mic over the actors. Sound never says a word, because he hates the sound of his own voice and is to afraid he would ruin the audio clips. When he's not working, Sound likes listening to classical music.

Camera is always watching, and filming. She never never turns her camera off. She loves capturing peoples little habits, small things that most people wouldn't notice, like how someone sits or nervous twitches. Camera loves filming documentaries, but often gets stuck filming soap-operas.

Action is the director, he controls how the film looks and feels. Action often takes things to seriously, trying to make things realistic and gritty, even when they're filming a kids T.V. show.